Among the first on-going programmes is a hospital partnership project on infectious diseases with impact on Mother and Child health, which is one of the most important medical problems. The project is funded for 2 years by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development via the ESTHER initiative (Ensemble pour une Solidarité Thérapeutique Hospitalière en Réseau).

It comprises a comprehensive capacity building program in the field of infectious diseases affecting the health of mothers or new borns in the perinatal period, as HIV, hepatitis B virus infection. The prevention of infectious diseases of the new born is one priority of this project.

Capacity building activities comprise joint workshops in Asella and exchange programs. An operational research project investigating the prevalence and complications of selected infections in pregnant women is integrated into the project.

Kick-off Workshop in Adama

In Adama a four hour Kick-off Workshop as start for a baseline-assessment took place. From different points of view known and likely problems were identified by: Ato Amde (Teacher for Enviromental Health at Asella School of Health-ASoH), Selamawit Hirpa (Nurse with t MSc in Tropical Medicine), Merga Gonfa (Microbiologist), Zuriasu Abora (Nurse at Health-Center of ASTU), Maud Schaller (german nurse), Selamawit Gobe (psychologist, member of WHITM-staff), Atikilt Girma (nurse, member of WHITM-staff), Ronja Schildt (german medical student), Matthias Breuer.

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