Publikationen 2011

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Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2011; 1225: 176-90  |   

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Brain Connect. 2011; 1(1): 37-47  |   

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ALE meta-analysis on facial judgments of trustworthiness and attractiveness.
Brain Struct Funct. 2011; 215(3-4): 209-23  |   

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Brain Struct Funct. 2011; 216(3): 239-54  |   

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Neural correlates of developing and adapting behavioral biases in speeded choice reactions -an FMRI study on predictive motor coding.
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Locomotor impairment and cerebrocortical oxidative stress in portal vein ligated rats in vivo.
J Hepatol. 2011; 54(2): 251-7  |   

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Probabilistic fibre tract analysis of cytoarchitectonically defined human inferior parietal lobule areas reveals similarities to macaques.
Neuroimage. 2011; 58(2): 362-80  |   

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Dynamic interactions in the fronto-parietal network during a manual stimulus-response compatibility task.
Neuroimage. 2011; 58(3): 860-9  |   

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Caspers S, Heim S, Lucas MG, Stephan E, Fischer L, Amunts K, Zilles K
Moral concepts set decision strategies to abstract values.
PLoS ONE. 2011; 6(4): e18451  |   

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