Publikationen 2012

Ochi A, Ochiai K, Kobara A, Nakamura S, Hatai H, Handharyani E, Tiemann I, Tanaka IB, Toyoda T, Abe A, Seok SH, Sunden Y, Torralba NC, Park JH, Hafez HM, Umemura T
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Avian Pathol. 2012; 41(3): 299-309  | 

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Sexual dimorphism and laterality in the evolution of the primate prefrontal cortex.
Brain Behav Evol. 2012; 79(3): 205-12  | 

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Epilepsia. 2012; 53(11): 1987-97  | 

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Automatic identification of gray and white matter components in polarized light imaging.
Neuroimage. 2012; 59(2): 1338-47  | 

Jakobs O, Langner R, Caspers S, Roski C, Cieslik EC, Zilles K, Laird AR, Fox PT, Eickhoff SB
Across-study and within-subject functional connectivity of a right temporo-parietal junction subregion involved in stimulus-context integration.
Neuroimage. 2012; 60(4): 2389-98  | 

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Serotonin 5-HT(1A) receptor binding sites in the brain of the pigeon (Columba livia).
Neuroscience. 2012; 200: 1-12  | 

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Dissociated neural processing for decisions in managers and non-managers.
PLoS ONE. 2012; 7(8): e43537  | 

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Reduced gray to white matter tissue intensity contrast in schizophrenia.
PLoS ONE. 2012; 7(5): e37016  | 

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Longitudinal deformation-based morphometry reveals spatio-temporal dynamics of brain volume changes in patients with corticobasal syndrome.
PLoS ONE. 2012; 7(7): e41873  | 

Al-Quraishy S, Abdel-Ghaffar F, Al-Rasheid KA, Mehlhorn J, Mehlhorn H
Effects of a neem seed extract (MiteStop®) on mallophages (featherlings) of chicken: in vivo and in vitro studies.
Parasitol Res. 2012; 110(2): 617-22  | 

Al-Quraishy S, Abdel-Ghaffar F, Al-Rasheid KA, Mehlhorn J, Mehlhorn H
Observations on effects of a neem seed extract (MiteStop®) on biting lice (mallophages) and bloodsucking insects parasitizing horses.
Parasitol Res. 2012; 110(1): 335-9  | 

Mehlhorn H, Walldorf V, Abdel-Ghaffar F, Al-Quraishy S, Al-Rasheid KA, Mehlhorn J
Biting and bloodsucking lice of dogs--treatment by means of a neem seed extract (MiteStop®, Wash Away Dog).
Parasitol Res. 2012; 110(2): 769-73  | 

Walldorf V, Mehlhorn H, Al-Quraishy S, Al-Rasheid KA, Abdel-Ghaffar F, Mehlhorn J
Treatment with a neem seed extract (MiteStop®) of beetle larvae parasitizing the plumage of poultry.
Parasitol Res. 2012; 110(2): 623-7  | 

Zilles K, Amunts K
Neuroscience. Segregation and wiring in the brain.
Science. 2012; 335(6076): 1582-4  | 

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Soc Cogn Affect Neurosci. 2012; 7(3): 263-73  | 

Amunts K, Zilles K
Architecture and organizational principles of Broca's region.
Trends Cogn Sci. 2012; 16(8): 418-26  | 



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