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The project brings together the expertise of three different partners: The Center for Neuronal Regeneration (CNR e.V.) constitutes the link between the partners and ensures, as a non-profit organization linked to the Heinrich-Heine-University (HHU), the sustainability of the resulting solutions.

The Center of Excellence at the Bielefeld University (CITEC) is in charge of the development of the information system including the database as well as of the information extraction methods used to populate the database with evidence extracted from the scientific literature.

The Clinical Research Informatics (CRI) group in the Coordination Center for Clinical Trials (KKS) at HHU provides an interface between clinical research, routine patient care and IT, as well as support for all aspects of clinical trials. The KKS has an outstanding experience and reputation for its role in translational medicine as well as in clinical trials. The university clinics at Düsseldorf university has crucial expertise in medical treatment and clinical research in neurological and neuro-degenerative diseases. Thus, the KKS and Düsseldorf University Clinics jointly ensure the transfer of the project’s results into clinical practice and thus contribute to the sustainability and exploitation of the results.

The KKS and CNR are in charge of defining a strategy for translating the results produced by the project into clinical practice and in particular to define a strategy for the design of a clinical trial starting from a set of therapies that have been identified as promising on the basis of the knowledge base developed in this project. In addition, CNR and KKS jointly provide profound background knowledge in the SCI domain which is necessary for developing an ontology, annotating data, and integrating already known and established clinical and research resources such as existing terminologies.

They further jointly lead the work on developing a scoring scheme for therapies that aggregates the evidence from the literature, and help to identify the main key parameters of therapeutic approaches as well as evaluate and provide feedback on the results of an information extraction system. With the experience of all three project partners, a sustainable value of the resulting solution is ensured.

CNR Center for Neuronal Regeneration e.V.

Prof. Dr. Hans Werner Müller (Principle Investigator)

Dr. Nicole Brazda
 (Co-Principle Investigator)

Dr. Veronica Estrada

Katinka Fischer



CNR Center for Neuronal Regeneration e. V.


University Clinic of the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf

Merowingerplatz 1a, 40225 Düsseldorf, Germany

Semantic Computing Group at University of Bielefeld

Prof. Dr. Philipp Cimiano (Principle Investigator)

Dr. Matthias Hartung

Hendrik ter Horst

Dr. Roman Klinger
 (Co-Principle Investigator, Institut für Maschinelle Sprachverarbeitung, University of Stuttgart)



Semantic Computing Group

Cognitive Interaction Technology Center of Excellence (CITEC)

Bielefeld University

Inspiration 1 / Zehlendorfer Damm 201, 33619 Bielefeld, Germany

CRI Group at Coordination Center for Clinical Trials (KKS)

Henrike Kolbe

Prof. em. Dr. Christian Ohmann



Coordination Center for Clinical Trials

University Clinic of the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf

Moorenstraße 5, 40225 Düsseldorf, Germany

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