Projekte der AG Umweltepidemiologie

Aktuelle Projekte der AG Umweltepidemiologie: 

  • Associations between Cardiovascular Morbidity and Mortality and the Exposures to and Emissions of Traffic Related Air Pollution: A Systematic Review of the Literature  (Info)
  • Ambient air pollution-related burden of disease in Germany resulting from coal combustion in power plants (Info)
  • Chronic exposure to particulate air pollution and progression of subclinical atherosclerosis (AIRCIMT)  (Info)
  • Effects of Low-Level Air Pollution: A Study in Europe (ELAPSE)  (Info)
  • Environment and Sleep  (Info)
  • European Study of Cohorts on Air Pollution Effects (ESCAPE) and TRANSPHORM  (Info)
  • Gesundheitliche Effekte von Ultrafeinstäuben - Systematische Literaturrecherche  (Info)
  • Neurocognition and 1000BRAINS Study  (Info)
  • Personal exposure during cycling and health effects (PEDAL) – a semi-controlled crossover pilot study (Info)
  • Source-specific air pollution effects on inflammation, cardiovascular risk factors and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events (AIRFLAMM)  (Info)
  • The Berlin Air Study – a natural experiment investigating health effects from changes in airport-related exposures (Info)
  • Ultrafine Particles and Cause-Specific Mortality in the Ruhr Area  (Info)



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