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Heinrichs K, Angerer P, Li J, Loerbroks A, Weigl M, Müller A.
Changes in the association between job decision latitude and work engagement at different levels of work experience: A 10-year longitudinal study.  
Work & Stress (in press) (JIF: 3.140)

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Does cognitive function predict changes in perception of stressful working conditions?
Industr Health (in press) (JIF: 1.115)

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Work-related intervention needs and potential occupational outcomes among medical assistants: a cross-sectional study.
Int J Environ Res Public Health (in press) (JIF: 2.145)

Schmidt B, Schneider M, Seeger P, van Vianen A , Loerbroks A, Herr RM.
A comparison of job stress models: associations with employee well-being, absenteeism, presenteeism, and resulting costs.
J Occup Environ Med (in press)  (JIF: 1.355)

Schreitmüller J, Apfelbacher C, Sheikh A, Loerbroks A.
The Patient Needs in Asthma Treatment (NEAT) questionnaire: further evidence on its psychometric properties.
Allergy (in press) (JIF: 6.048)

Schreitmüller J, Loerbroks A.
The role of self-efficacy and locus of control on asthma-related needs and outcomes: A cross-sectional study.
J Asthma (in press) (JIF: 2.014)

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