Infectious Diseases and Type 1 Diabetes Research Group

  • Prof. Dr. Marc Jacobsen (PhD), Gruppenleiter
  • Dr. Julia Seyfarth (MD), Fachärztin
  • Miguel Lopez Venegas (MSc), Doktorand
  • Dr. Norman Nausch, (PhD), Postdoc
  • Ernest Adankwah (MSc), Doktorand
  • Sarah Plicht (BSc), Masterstudentin
  • Anna Scheel (BSc), Masterstudentin
  • Jean De Dieu Harelimana (MSc), Doktorand
  • Alptekin Güler (MSc), Doktorand
  •           (from left to right)

Research Topics

Our group focuses on immunologic aspects of chronic infectious diseases. Mycobacterial infections (i.e. tuberculosis, buruli ulcer disease, atypical mycobacterial infections) as well as co-infections are in the center of our scientific interest. Especially T-cell dependent immunity with an emphasis on i) cytokine signaltransduction and regulation, ii) T-cell polarisation, iii) antimycobacterial Effektormechanisms is investigated.

In close cooperation with the group of PD Dr. Thomas Meissner we aim to decypher T-cell dependent mechanisms underlying development of autoimmunity in children with type-1 diabetes.


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