AG Gattermann

The focus of the Gattermann/Majidi group is on

  • decifering the pathophysiology of the ring sideroblastic phenotype (mitochondrial iron overload of erythroblasts) in patients with myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS)
  • investigating hematopoetic stem cell differentiation, particularly under the influence of inhibition of the NEDDylation pathway with Pevonedistat
  • searching for new prognostic biomarkers in MDS using multicolour immun­histo­chemistry on a tissue microarray

Detection of FECH-ABCB7 interaction in F36P cells using proximity ligation assay (PLA)


ASH abstract 2021:

Majidi F, Stambouli O, Cadeddu R-P, Brille S, Ewert J, Germing U, Zeiser R, Giebel B, Gattermann N.  Effect of the Neddylation Inhibitor Pevonedistaton on Normal Hematopoietic Stem Cell Subsets and Immune Cell Composition

In 2020, the group started establishing a modern fluorescence microscopy unit (Mantra system by Perkin-Elmer; invert fluorescence microscope from Keyence). The facility includes advanced software modules for 3D imaging. Clear optical sectioning is achieved through an electronic projection element that eliminates scattered light in the Z direction. Precise image stitching is also possible.

  • These technical features enable high-quality analyses using the established MDS/AML tissue microarray. The recently acquired Sectioning Module will also enable analysis of 3D bone marrow cultures.
  • OPAL technology for multicolour immunohistochemistry has been implemented and allows for up to 7 different fluorochromes to be specifically attached to target structures on the same tissue section. Expression patterns are subsequently analysed using Inform Software.

The Gattermann/Majidi group is happy to share the above-mentioned technology with other working groups.

Current projects:

  • siRNA knockdown of Ferrochelatase, ABCB7, and GLRX5  in hematopoietic stem cells for induction of a sideroblastic phenotype in erythroblasts. Implementation of 3D bone marrow cultures using Alvetex membranes.
  • Influence of Pevonedistat (first-in-class Neddylation inhibitor) on normal hematopoietic stem cell subsets and immune cell composition (cell cultures, flow cytometry, proximity ligation assay).
  • Effect of Tenascin-C (component of extracellular matrix) on hematopoietic stem cells.
  • Prognostic significance of the expression of fibrosis markers (e.g. Gli1) in the MDS bone marrow (multicolour fluorescence immunostaining (OPAL assay), tissue microarray).

Multispectral composite image of MDS bone marrow

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