Myocardial and Vascular Tissue Engineering

Despite the medical progress of the last decades, end-stage heart failure is still one of the remaining health care challenges of the 21st century, with tremendous socio-economic implications for the industrialized world due to the associated morbidity and mortality. However, current therapy concepts of end-stage heart failure such as heart transplantation or mechanical assist device therapy are either restricted to a “lucky few” due to donor organ shortage or are still flawed by a high complication rates, thus increasing the need for alternatives. Here, one of the most innovative approaches is being pioneered by the cardiovascular tissue engineering field, which promotes the fabrication of bioartificial cardiac tissues either to support or replace failing hearts.

The Myocardial and Vascular Tissue Engineering Research Group of the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, headed by Dr. med. H. Aubin, has set its focus in the creation of vascularized and functional myocardial tissues based on native-derived extracellular matrix (ECM) scaffolds. Following a comprehensive and interdisciplinary research philosophy, our research group covers a broad spectrum of projects from basic research over bioprocessing technology to translational science, including:

  • Optimization and biomonitoring of decellularization techniques
  • Biofunctionalization of native-derived ECM scaffolds
  • IPS cell cardiac lineage differentiation within cardiac-ECM-derived stem cell niches
  • Creation of “real-cardiac”-like in vitro model systems
  • Preclinical small animal models of bioartificial myocardial support
  • Customized bioreactors systems for myocardial tissue engineering
  • Implementation of bioprocessing strategies for the cultivation of functional myocardial tissue   
  • “Human-scale” myocardial tissue engineering
  • Whole-heart tissue engineering

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