Facharztweiterbildung Neurochirurgie

Die Abteilung für Neurochirurgie bietet eine international bekannte, sechs Jahre dauernde Facharzt-Weiterbildung an. Nach einer einjährigen Einführungsphase lernen die Assistenzärzte alle Spezialgebiete kennen: spinale Neurochirurgie, funktionelle Neurochirurgie, Neuroonkologie, Schädelbasis- und Vaskuläre Neurochirurgie, Periphere Nervenchirurgie, sowie Neurointensivmedizin. Mehr...

Forschung / Research

The Volkswagen Foundation funds the development and biological validation of an implant for early development of glioma recurrence. The funding is provided within the context of the "Experiment!" initiative, which supports research in fundamentally new topics with a high risk of failure or unexpected findings. The project leads are Dr. Igor Fischer and Dr. Ulf Kahlert.

The German Ministry of Research and Education (BMBF) funds the Clinic for Neurosurgery for the development and validation of the biological relevance of a novel in vitro technology from brain cancers. The funding initiative VIP+ supports project ideas for assessing their feasibility and applicability in economy or society. The project leader is Dr. Ulf Kahlert supported by project partner Prof. Ellen Fritsche (Leibniz Research Institute for Environmental Medicine). More information can be found here.

The Clinic for Neurosurgery is thankful and acknowledges funding for cancer and stem cell research projects from the The Brigitte and Dr. Konstanze Wegener Foundation and the FW Hempel Foundation. The project leader of those projects is Dr. Ulf Kahlert.

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