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Crucial for survival, innate behaviours include exploration of the environment, feeding and regulation of the vigilance state. Appropriate initiation and termination of these behaviors is dependent upon the availability of resources, environmental cues and previous experience.
Recently we found that food-seeking and exploratory locomotion are dynamically regulated by the coordination of functionally specialized neuronal groups in the hypothalamus with upstream forebrain regions (medial prefrontal cortex, hippocampus, lateral septum) during network gamma (30-90 Hz) and theta (5-10 Hz) oscillations.

Using high-density electrophysiological and optical monitoring of neuronal activity in freely behaving mice in combination with optogenetic manipulations of network oscillations we study dynamic organization of neural circuitries generating innate behaviours as well as their pathophysiology in mouse models of neuropsychiatric disorders.



Alexey Ponomarenko, Ph. D., Heisenberg Fellow


Franziska Bender, Ph. D., visiting researcher
Carla Heikenfeld, M. D. student
Jennifer Kupferman, Ph. D. student



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Students who wish to join us for lab rotations, bachelor or master projects are always welcome!



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