Publications 2006

Lipoplex gene transfer of inducible nitric oxide synthase inhibits the reactive intimal hyperplasia after expanded polytetrafluorethylene bypass grafting; Pfeiffer, T., M. Wallich, W. Sandmann, J. Schrader and A. Gödecke; J.Vasc.Surg. 43 (5):1021-1027, 2006

CD73/ecto-5'-nucleotidase protects against vascular inflammation and neointima formation; Zernecke, A., K. Bidzhekov, B. Özüyaman, L. Fraemohs, E.A. Liehn, J.M. Lüscher-Firzlaff, B. Lüscher, J. Schrader and C. Weber; Circulation 113:2120-2127, 2006

SGK1-dependent cardiac CTGF formation and fibrosis following DOCA treatment; Vallon, V., A.W. Wyatt, K. Klingel, D.Y. Huang, A Hussain, S. Berchtold, B. Friedrich, F. Grahammer, R.S. BelAiba, A. Görlach, P. Wulff, J. Daut, N.C. Dalton, J. Ross Jr, U. Flögel, J. Schrader, H. Osswald, R. Kandolf, D. Kuhl and F. Lang; J. Mol. Med. 84(5):396-404, 2006

Ecto-5'-nucleotidase (cd73)-dependent and -independent generation of adenosine participates in the mediation of tubuloglomerular feedback in vivo; Huang, D.Y., V. Vallon, H. Zimmermann, P. Koszalka, J. Schrader and H. Osswald; Am.J.Physiol. Renal.Physiol. 291(2):F282-F288, 2006

Adenosine produced via the CD73/ecto-5'-nucleotidase pathway has no impact on erythropoietin production but is associated with reduced kidney weight; Özüyaman, B., Z. Ding, A. Buchheiser, P. Koszalka, N. Braun, A. Gödecke, U.K.M. Decking. H. Zimmermann, and J. Schrader; Pflugers Archiv - Eur.J.Physiol. 452(3):324-331, 2006

Direct comparison of magnetic resonance imaging and conductance microcathether in the evaluation of left ventricular function in mice; Jacoby, C., A. Molojavyi, U. Flögel, M.W. Merx, Z. Ding and J. Schrader; Basic Res. Cardiol. 101(1):87-95, 2006  Reply to Nielsen et al., Letter to the Editor. Basic Res. Cardiol. 101:98-99, 2006

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