Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Eva Meisenzahl-Lechner

Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Eva Meisenzahl-Lechner

Psychiatric disorders can appear in a number of different manifestations such as schizophrenia, depression, neuroses and addiction disorders. Independant of individual disease pattern, psychiatric disorders may affect many people and cause severe strain to patients and their relatives.

In the Hospital and Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy of the LVR Hospital you will find a broad range of the most modern diagnostic and therapeutical capabillities. Patients in acute psychiatric crisis will find help here, as well as addicts or people with more common disorders such as claustrophobia. Our doctors will decide on individualised therapeutical strategies after detailed diagnosis and in total agreement with the patient. A large variety of medicational treatment, psychotherapeutical intervention and creative therapy based on music, dancing or body movement can be provided. For patients with chronic disorders, hospitalisation as well as outpatient rehabilitation is possible.

Not always it is necessary to initialise long hospitalsation periods; many problems can be easily diagnosed and treated in outpatient clinics. Special offers exist for the detection of patients with early symptom onset of psychotic disorder or for those with geronto-psychiatric memory loss.

Our polyclinics allow treatment as outpatient or day-time only inpatient. Enabeling and maintaning contact to structures outside of hospital has proved to simplify reintegration and rehabilitation into everyday life after therapy. New possibilities have been provided through the establishment of extendend facilities at the university clinic (Moorenstrasse, Duesseldorf).
Every treatment, hospitilised, as outpatient or in day-clinic, has therefore the goal to reintegrate every patient as fast as possible into their old surroundings, allowing them to continue their profession or education.

Patient care

Four departments, two for general psychiatry, one for addiction disorders, one for geronto-psychiatry, ensure the psychiatric care for the middle and southern parts of Düsseldorf. We have established specific wards for expertise care in depression, addiction, personaltiy disorders, dementia and schizophrenia.

Individual treatment is selected from a wide array of psychiatric-psychotherapeutical measures, for example specific pharmacotherapy, sleep withdrawal, light therapy, transcranial electromagnetic stimulation, cognitive behavior therapy encluding computerised training modules, psycho-educative and social therapy. Also, a varity of creative and occupational therapy containing musical, artistic and sportiv elements can be provided.

Research and education

Several research groups are investigating a number of issues concerning different psychiatric disorders, including aetiology and progression of diseases, therapy and maintenance. Our emphasis hereby lies in the investigation of schizophrenia, affective disorders, dementia and addiction disorders.

Within these projects, intensive cooperation with resident neurologists and psychiatrists has been established, also integrating patients and their families. Additionally, the clinic is actively involved in a dementia network and in the addiction research program of the federal state of Northrhein-Westphalia.

In cooperation with the University of Düsseldorf, the clinic provides lectures, course and seminaries on psychiatry for students of medicine and psychology. Also, we are very much interested in the further education and training of resident doctors and regularly hold seminars and conferences for their benefit.

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