Case studies

1. "Reducing social inequalities in return to work among disabled persons"

The case study “Reducing social inequalities in return to work among disabled persons” is conducted to assess the potential health and psychosocial benefits of vocational rehabilitation programs for spinal cord injured persons in Switzerland. This case study is conducted in cooperation with the Swiss Paraplegic Research Nottwil.

The case study consists of three phases:

  1. Description of existing programs and their impacts.
  2. Expert interviews with stakeholders.
  3. Focus groups with spinal cord injured employees.    

2. “Return to work of disadvantaged people with multiple barriers”

The second case study concentrates on the return-to-work intervention program “Ready for Work” conducted by the non-profit organization Business in The Community (BiTC) in the United Kingdom. We aim at determining the conditions of successful vocational rehabilitation of disadvantaged groups.

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