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The University Hospital of Düsseldorf (UKD) represents the very best international hospital care, research and teaching. Experts of national and international standing guarantee modern medicine at the cutting edge of science. One particular strength is the carefully structured dovetailing of clinic operations and research. Thanks to a close network of various individual clinics and institutes, expert knowledge is bundled across all specialist disciplines.

The UKD is a hospital providing maximum care. It comprises 34 individual clinics and over 30 medical institutes. It employs over 6,000 people, making the hospital one of the biggest medical institutions in the region and the largest provider of inpatient and outpatient care in Düsseldorf, covering the full spectrum of medical fields. This includes, for example, interdisciplinary oncology with haematology and stem cell transplants, neurosurgery and neurology, urology, gynaecology and obstetrics, hepatology, kidney transplants, vascular surgery, cardiac surgery, as well as paediatric surgery and paediatric oncology.

Medical research at the UKD pursues a fundamental, disease-oriented and patient-focussed approach, giving rise to innovative diagnostic and therapeutic methods that can then be quickly integrated into clinical practice. In addition to top-level care with high-performance medicine and research, academic teaching is the third pillar of our medical expertise, enabling us to secure the quality of our medical teaching over the long term.The interdisciplinary approach to each individual patient guarantees a tailored, specific treatment approach and a holistic view of the patient.

International patients

With its Coordinating Office for International Patients, or COIP, the UKD has a central point of contact for international patients.

At the COIP, our patients from around the world are looked after by an international team from the time they arrive to the point at which they are discharged. Our team speaks Russian, Ukrainian, English and Arabic. In order to be able to offer tailored medical treatment, detailed medical documents are required either in English or German, which the patient sends to the COIP in advance for clarification. An expert at the relevant specialist clinic evaluates the documents and makes a therapy recommendation, which is sent back to the patient by the COIP along with an individual cost estimate and the expected duration of the treatment. If the patient agrees, we require an advance payment of the total sum. After this has been made, the dates are fixed and invitations are made. The patient arrives in Germany for treatment and presents him or herself at the COIP for admission and to clarify any remaining questions.

During the hospital stay, patients will need to organise their own interpreters. If necessary, the COIP can put the patient in touch with one of its own, unbiased interpreters. The final invoice is issued around 8 weeks after the patient is discharged and covers all the medical services provided. Any credit will be transferred to the patient's bank account and any amounts still due must be paid by the patient. The COIP team is happy to answer any questions. All requests and contacts must be made via the COIP, which is a department of the University Hospital of Düsseldorf.

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