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Alfonso-Prieto, M.
Bitter Taste and Olfactory Receptors: Beyond Chemical Sensing in the Tongue and the Nose
J Membr Biol  |

Andlauer, TFM.; Mühleisen, TW.; Amunts, K.; Cichon, S. et al.
Genetic factors influencing a neurobiological substrate for psychiatric disorders.
Transl Psychiatry  |

Berthold-Losleben, M.; Papalini, S.; Habel, U.; Losleben, K.; Schneider, F.; Amunts, K.; Kohn, N.
A short-term musical training affects implicit emotion regulation only in behaviour but not in brain activity
BMC Neurosci  |

Bittner, N.; Jockwitz, C.; Franke, K.; Gaser, C.; Moebus, S.; Bayen, U.J.; Amunts, K.; Caspers, S.
When your brain looks older than expected: combined lifestyle risk and BrainAGE.
Brain Struct Funct. |

Chiariello, MG.; Alfonso-Prieto, M.; Ippoliti, E.; Fahlke, C.; Carloni, P.
Mechanisms Underlying Proton Release in CLC-type F-/H+ Antiporters.
J Phys Chem Lett  |

Constantini, I.; Baria E.; Sorelli, M.; Matuschke, F.; Giardini, F.; Menzel, M.; Mazzamuto, G.; Silvestri, L.; Cicchi, R.; Amunts, K.; Axer, M.; Pavone, FS.
Autofluroscence enhacement for label-free imaging of myelinated fibers in mammalian brain.
Sci Rep  |

Goulas, A.; Changeux, JP.; Wagstyl, K.; Amunts, K.; Palomero-Gallagher, N.; Hilgetag, CC.
The natural axis of transmitter receptor distribution in the human cerebral cortex.
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA  |

Grodzinsky, Y.; Behrent, K.; Agmon, G.; Bittner, N.; Jockwitz, C.; Caspers, S.; Amunts, K.; Heim, S.
A linguistic complexity pattern that defies aging: The processing of multiple negations
J Neurolinguist  |

Jockwitz, C.; Mérillat, S.; Liem, F.; Oschwald, J.; Amunts, K.; Jäncke, L.; Caspers, S.
Generalizing Longitudinal Age Effects on brain Structure - A Two-Study Comparison Approach.
Front Hum Neurosci  |

Klar, P.; Northoff, G.
When the World Breaks Down: A 3-Stage Existential Model of Nihilism in Schizophrenia.
Psychopathology  |

Knappe, O.; Schrimpf, A.; Karababa, A.; Czeszewsi, L.; Bidmon, HJ.; Luedde, T.; Haussinger, D.; Georg, B.
Role of ASCT2 and KGA for ammonia-induced astrocyte senescence
J Hepatol |

Lothmann, K.; Amunts, K.; Herold, C.
The neurotransmitter receptor architecture of the moouse olfactory system.
Frontiers in Neuroanatomy  |

Lothmann, K.; Deitersen, J.; Zilles, K.; Amunts, K.; Herold, C.
New boundaries and dissociation of the mouse hippocampus along the dorsal-ventral axis based on glutamatergic, GABAergic and catecholaminergic receptor densities.
Hippocampus  |

Maleeva, G.; Alfonso-Prieto, M. et al.
Subunit-Specific Photocontrol of Glycine Receptors by Azobenzene-Nitrazepam Photoswitcher.
eNeuro  |

Menzel, M.; Reuter, JA.; Gräßel, D.; Huwer, M.; Schlömer, P.; Amunts, K.; Axer, M.
Scattered Light Imaging: Resolving the substructure of nerve fiber crossings in whole brain sections with micrometer resolution.
Neuroimage  |

Mullins. N.; Mühleisen, TW. et al.
Genome-wide association study of more than 40,000 bipolar disorder cases provides new insights into the underlying biology.
Nat Genet  |

Niu, M.; Rapan, L.; Funck, T.; Froudist-Walsh, S.; Zaho, L.; Zilles, K.; Palomero-Gallagher, N.
Organization of the macaque monkey inferior parietal lobule based on multimodal receptor architectonics.
Neuroimage  |

Palomero-Gallagher, N.; Amunts, K.
A short review on emotion processing: a lateralized network of neuronal networks
Brain Struct Funct  |

Rapan, L.; Froudist-Walsh, S.; Nui, M.; Xu, t.; Funck, t.; Zilles, K.; Palomero-Gallagher, N.
Multimodal 3D atlas of the macaque monkey motor and premotor cortex.
Neuroimage  |

Refisch, A.; Chung, HY.; Komatsuzaki, S.; Schumann, A.; Mühleisen, TW.; Nöthen, MM.; Hübner, CA.; Bär, KJ.
A common variation in HCN1 is associated with heart rate variability in schizophrenia.
Schizophr Res  |

Schiffer, C.; Spitzer, H.; Kiwitz, K.; Unger, N.; Wagstyl, N.; Evans, AC.; Harmeling, S.; Amunts, K.; Dickscheid, T.
Convolutional neural networks for cytoarchitectonic brain mapping at large scale.
Neuroimage  |

Schmitz-Hübsch, T.; Amunts, K. et al.
Spinocerebellar ataxia type 14: refining clinicogenetic diagnosis in a rare adult-onset disorder.
Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology  |

Sitani, D.; Giorgetti, A.; Alfonso-Prieto, M.; Carloni, P.
Robust principal component analysis-based prediction of protein-protein interaction hot spots.
Proteins  |

Sonderby IE et al.
Effects of copy number variations on brain structure and risk for psychiatric illness: Large-scale studies from the ENIGMA working groups on CNVs.
Hum Brain Mapp.  |

Sonderby IE et al.
1q21.1 distal copy number variants are associated with cerebral and cognitive alterations in humans.
Transl Psychiatry  |

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