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  • Albert Zimmermann
  • Anja Voges

Research focus

Cytomegaloviruses (CMV) are of great medical importance as pathogens in immunodeficient patients and prenatally infected newborns. When dealing with their host, herpes viruses and especially CMV pursue a strategy of slow, efficient replication with only minor damage to the otherwise healthy host organism. After primary infection, the host remains infected for life. This has led to an evolutionary race between antiviral mechanisms of the immune system and proviral mechanisms of CMV that subvert the immune system.

An essential strategy for the identification of CMV genes that interfere with the immune response is the production of recombinant viruses using bacterial artificial chromosomes (BACs) and their phenotypic analysis. Based on the cloning of complete CMV genomes as bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) in E. coli, we produce mutants of the human and murine cytomegalovirus in E. coli by homologous recombination. Through functional analyzes of virus mutants, specific virus properties are traced back to defined genes (“functional genomics”).


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