Type I Interferon protects anti-viral T cells from NK cell mediated killing.

NK cells can limit anti-viral Type I interferon receptor deficient T cells. This mechanism is critical for productive adaptive immunity. 

Xu et al. Immunity. 2014.

The protein iRhom2 triggers TNF-alpha secretion

The protein iRhom2 is involved in maturation of the TNF-alpha converting enzyme (TACE). Absence of iRhom2 results into reduced TACE activity thus reduced soluble TNF-alpha production.  

McIlwain et al. Science. 2012.

Enforced Viral Replication is critical for functional anti-viral immunity

The mechanism "enforced viral replication" describes the active amplification of viral particles in spleen tissue to guarantee sufficient antigen for adaptive immune priming. Absence of enforced viral replication results into impaired anti-viral immunity and fatal disease. 

Honke et al. Nat Immunol. 2011.


Date: December 2022

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