Collaboration CAPHRI and chs

The chs and the regionally close Care and Public Health Research Institute (CAPHRI, Maastricht University, Netherlands) share many research interests in areas such as society, public health and health care. Therefore, CAPHRI and chs have joined forces within the framework of a formal collaboration agreement that aims collaboration on individual and organisational level. This includes so far joint research applications, projects, publications and PhDs.

Areas of collaboration between CAPHRI and chs

The current and potential future areas of collaboration comprise:

  • Co-investigation in research projects (jointly funded or based on existing internal funding)
  • Co-authorship of research papers
  • Exchange of Master’s students for scientific internships and theses (including medical students from Maastricht doing their Wetenschapsparticipatie, WESP)
  • Exchange of teachers and teaching activities, including post-graduate teaching courses
  • Joint / bi-national PhD education
  • Collaboration in international networks
Working groups

At the moment there are six working groups around common themes of research and education, who are exploring collaborative projects and initiatives:

Ageing and long-term care chs: Stefan Wilm / Ralph Möhler
CAPHRI: Hilde Verbeek / Sandra Zwakhalen
Ethics and society chs: Vasilija Rolfes
CAPHRI: David Shaw
Health promotion chs: Claudia Pischke
CAPHRI: Rik Crutzen
Health technology assessment and health economic evaluation chs: Andrea Icks
CAPHRI: Silvia Evers
MSc and PhD education chs: Claudia Pischke
CAPHRI: Aggie Paulus
Primary care and health services research chs: Daniel Kotz
CAPHRI: Mark Spigt

Would you like to join one of the working groups? Then please contact the chair(s) of the working group(s) you are interested in.

CAPHRI-chs Collaboration Days

CAPHRI-chs Collaboration Day -2023

Forty-six researchers from Maastricht and Düsseldorf participated in the third CCC Day (CAPHRI-chs Collaboration), which was held as an online webinar on 16 May 2023. We shared current news from each institute and recent advances in our binational collaboration. Furthermore, we discussed the promotion of young researchers. The CCC Day also included an interactive workshop regarding predatory publishing practices.

CAPHRI-chs Collaboration Day -2022

The annual CAPHRI-chs Collaboration Day took place this year on 21 June 2022 in Maastricht. The event enabled a motivational exchange about common research interests and future forms to intensify the cooperation (e.g. research papers, exchange of Master’s students for scientifiy internships and theses, joint seminars).

CAPHRI-chs Collaboration Day -2021

The chs and CAPHRI intend to cooperate even more closely in the future. For this reason, the chs-CAPHRI collaboration day (CCC) was held in Düsseldorf on 22 of September. In addition to various workshops, in the plenary session was signed a “Memorandum of Understanding” for further cooperation by the deaneries of both research institutes.

For more information, please contact

Daniel Kotz (chs) Daniel.Kotz@med.uni‐ or
Kasia Czabanowska (CAPHRI)

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