Cell cycle control

Most tissues of the human body renew themselves continuously through cell division, while at the same time being exposed to permanent damage to their DNA by endogenous and exogenous strains. Therefore, our main research interest is directed towards a better understanding of the interaction of cell cycle control with DNA damage response. To gain microscopic control over the cell cycle by cell biological means, we have established a set of green and red fluorescent cell cycle markers (1). With their help and the CRISPR/Cas-mediated green fluorescent labelling of the cell cycle inhibitor p21, a central regulator of the DNA damage response, we are currently investigating in living cells the effects of different types of radiation such as solar UVA and UVB radiation, X-rays, and alpha or proton radiation used in radiation therapy.

  1. Kalfalah, F.M., E. Berg, M.O. Christensen, R.M. Linka, W.G. Dirks, F. Boege, and C. Mielke. Spatio-temporal regulation of the human licensing factor Cdc6 in replication and mitosis. Cell Cycle, 2015. 14: 1704-15.

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