Working group „Work and Health“

The focus of research in this working group are the consequences of different employment and working conditions on health of working women and men. In addition to general questions of occupational epidemiology, our focus is on psychosocial stress at work. The work group participates in various national and international projects. Basis for our research is the analysis of large scale quantitative studies with the help of innovative statistical methods. 
Research questions include:

  • Which working conditions are especially harmful for health?
  • Are employees in disadvantaged occupations or precarious living conditions more likely to work in stressful jobs (socioeconomic differences of work stress)?
  • Do working conditions influence health of older workers and their retirement behaviour?
  • What is work stress and how can it be measured in scientific studies?
  • What are possibilities for workplace interventions?
  • Are interventions at work more successful if they are tailored to specific occupational groups?
  • How are working conditions developing in Europe?
  • Are national policies related to increased or decreased levels of work stress ?
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