Dr. rer. nat. Felix Ströckens

research associate, acad. degree: Diploma in Biology

Research Interests:

  • Histological mapping of the human temporal lobe
  • Neuroanatomical basis of higher cognitive abilities in birds
  • Comparative neuroanatomy
  • Neuroanatomical correlates of brain asymmetries

Methodological focus:

  • Histology, immunhistochemistry, immuncytology
  • MRI & fMRI in vertebrates
  • Microscopy
  • Neuronal tracings

Teaching activities:

  • Master Translational Neuroscience
  • Module D - M.Sc. Psychology

List of publications:

  • Ocklenburg S, El Basbasse Y, Ströckens F, Müller-Alcazar A. (2023) Hemispheric asymmetries and brain size in mammals. Commun Biol 2023; 6(521).
  • de Sousa AA, Beaudet A, Calvey T, Bardo A, Benoit J, Charvet CJ, Dehay C, Gómez-Robles A, Gunz P, Heuer K, van den Heuvel MP, Hurst S, Lauters P, Reed D, Salagnon M, Sherwood CC, Ströckens F, Tawane M, Todorov OS, Toro R, Wei Y. (2023) From fossils to mind. Commun Biol 2023; 6(1).
  • von Eugen K, Endepols H, Drzezga A, Neumaier B, Güntürkün O, Backes H, Ströckens F. (2022) Avian neurons consume three times less glucose than mammalian neurons. Curr Biol 2022; 32(19): 4306-4313.e4.
  • Güntürkün O, Ströckens F, Ocklenburg S. (2020) Brain Lateralization - A Comparative Perspective. Physiological Reviews. 100:1019-1063.
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  • von Eugen K, Tabrik S, Güntürkün O, Ströckens F (2020) A comparative analysis of the executive brain area nidopallium caudolaterale in different bird species. Journal of Comparative Neurology. 528:2929-2955.
  • Billings BK, Behroozi M, Helluy X, Bhagwandin A, Manger P, Güntürkün O, Ströckens F (2020) A 3-dimensionsal digital atlas of the Nile crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus) forebrain. Brain Structure and Function. 225:683-703.
  • Friedrich P, Anderson C, Schmitz J, Schlüter C, Lor S, Stacho M, Ströckens F, Grimshaw G, Ocklenburg S (2018) Fundamental or forgotten? Is Pierre Paul Broca still relevant in modern neuroscience? Laterality. 24:125-128.
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  • Behroozi M, Ströckens F, Helluy X, Stacho M, Güntürkün O (2017) Functional Connectivity Pattern of the Internal Hippocampal Network in Awake Pigeons: A Resting-State fMRI Study. Brain Behaviour and Evolution. 90(1):62-72.
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  • Ocklenburg S, Ströckens F, Güntürkün O (2013) Lateralisation of conspecific vocalisation in non-human vertebrates. Laterality. 2013;18(1):1-31.
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