Dr.rer.nat. Kimberley Lothmann

research associate, acad. degree: M.Sc. Biology

Research interests:

  • Cytoarchitectonic brain mapping
  • Adult neurogenesis in the olfactory system

Methodological focus:

  • Receptor autoradiography

Teaching activities:

  • Neurobiology lectures (olfactory, limbic, vestibular & auditory systems) in Module 1 - M.Sc. Translational Neuroscience & supervisor in Module D - M.Sc. Psychology (brain dissectioning course)

List of publications:

  • Lothmann, Amunts, Herold (2021) The neurotransmitter receptor architecture of the mouse olfactory system. Frontiers in Neuroanatomy. doi: 10.3389/fnana.2021.632549
  • Lothmann, Deitersen, Zilles, Amunts, Herold (2020) New boundaries and dissociation of the mouse hippocampus along the dorsal-ventral axis based on glutamatergic, GABAergic and catecholaminergic receptor densities. Hippocampus. doi: 10.1002/hipo.23262. Find here the article.

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