Publikationen 2022

Koch A,· Möller F,  Jacobi E ,· Muth T ,·Pepper C, Uwe Hoffmann U, Schipke JD.
Heart Rate Variability from Underwater Spiroergometry: How Meaningful?
Journal of Science in Sport and Exercise,, Springer Nature, 2022

Schipke JD, Deussen A, Moeller F, Hoffmann U, Muth T, Zenske A, Koch A.
Oxygen-enriched air reduces breathing gas consumption over air.
Current Research in Physiology, Volume 5, 2022, 79-82

Schipke JD, Muth T, Pepper C, Schneppendahl J, Hoffmanns M, Dreyer S.
Hyperoxia and the cardiovascular system: experiences with hyperbaric oxygen therapy.
Med Gas Res. 2022;12(4):153-157. (JIF 1.68)

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