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Below is a list of selected publications from our group.
A complete list of publications can be found here (PubMed).

Ultra-sensitive CTC-based liquid biopsy for pancreatic cancer enabled by large blood volume analysis.
Stoecklein NH, Fluegen G, Guglielmi R, Neves RPL, Hackert T, Birgin E, Cieslik SA, Sudarsanam M, Driemel C, van Dalum G, Franken A, Niederacher D, Neubauer H, Fehm T, Rox JM, Böhme P, Häberle L, Göring W, Esposito I, Topp SA, Coumans FAW, Weitz J, Knoefel WT, Fischer JC, Bork U, Rahbari NN.
Mol Cancer. 2023 Nov 13;22(1):181.

Proficiency Testing to Assess Technical Performance for CTC-Processing and Detection Methods in CANCER-ID.
Neves RPL, Ammerlaan W, Andree KC, Bender S, Cayrefourcq L, Driemel C, Koch C, Luetke-Eversloh MV, Oulhen M, Rossi E, Alix-Panabières C, Betsou F, Farace F, Riethdorf S, Schlange T, Wikman H, Zamarchi R, Pantel K, Terstappen LWMM, Stoecklein NH; CANCER-ID Consortium.
Clin Chem 2021 Mar 31;67(4):631-641.

Technical validation of a new microfluidic device for enrichment of CTCs from large volumes of blood by using buffy coats to mimic diagnostic leukapheresis products.
Guglielmi R, Lai Z, Raba K, van Dalum G, Wu J, Behrens B, Bhagat AAS, Knoefel WT, Neves RPL, Stoecklein NH.
Sci Rep. 2020 Nov 20;10(1):20312.

Magnetic-Based Enrichment of Rare Cells from High Concentrated Blood Samples.
Wu J, Raba K, Guglielmi R, Behrens B, Van Dalum G, Flügen G, Koch A, Patel S, Knoefel WT, Stoecklein NH, Neves RPL.
Cancers (Basel). 2020 Apr 10;12(4):933.

Detection of circulating tumor cells in colorectal cancer patients using the GILUPI CellCollector: results from a prospective, single-center study.
Dizdar L, Fluegen G, van Dalum G, Honisch E, Neves RP, Niederacher D, Neubauer H, Fehm T, Rehders A, Krieg A, Knoefel WT, Stoecklein NH.
Mol Oncol. 2019 Jul;13(7):1548-1558.

Diagnostic leukapheresis for CTC analysis in breast cancer patients: CTC frequency, clinical experiences and recommendations for standardized reporting.

Fehm TN, Meier-Stiegen F, Driemel C, Jäger B, Reinhardt F, Naskou J, Franken A, Neubauer H, Neves RPL, van Dalum G, Ruckhäberle E, Niederacher D, Rox JM, Fischer JC, Stoecklein NH.
Cytometry A. 2018 Dec;93(12):1213-1219.

Single-Cell Analyses of Prostate Cancer Liquid Biopsies Acquired by Apheresis.
Lambros MB, Seed G, Sumanasuriya S, Gil V, Crespo M, Fontes M, Chandler R, Mehra N, Fowler G, Ebbs B, Flohr P, Miranda S, Yuan W, Mackay A, Ferreira A, Pereira R, Bertan C, Figueiredo I, Riisnaes R, Rodrigues DN, Sharp A, Goodall J, Boysen G, Carreira S, Bianchini D, Rescigno P, Zafeiriou Z, Hunt J, Moloney D, Hamilton L, Neves RP, Swennenhuis J, Andree K, Stoecklein NH, Terstappen LWMM, de Bono JS.
Clin Cancer Res. 2018 Nov 15;24(22):5635-5644.

Diagnostic pathology of early systemic cancer: ERBB2 gene amplification in single disseminated cancer cells determines patient survival in operable esophageal cancer.
Hoffmann M, Pasch S, Schamberger T, Maneck M, Möhlendick B, Schumacher S, Brockhoff G, Knoefel WT, Izbicki J, Polzer B, Stoecklein NH, Klein CA.
Int J Cancer. 2018 Feb 15;142(4):833-843.

Disseminated tumour cells with highly aberrant genomes are linked to poor prognosis in operable oesophageal adenocarcinoma.
Schumacher S, Bartenhagen C, Hoffmann M, Will D, Fischer JC, Baldus SE, Vay C, Fluegen G, Dizdar L, Vallböhmer D, Klein CA, Knoefel WT, Stoecklein NH, Möhlendick B.
Br J Cancer. 2017 Aug 22;117(5):725-733.

Immunohistochemical detection of lymph node-DTCs in patients with node-negative HNSCC.
Sproll C, Freund AK, Hassel A, Hölbling M, Aust V, Storb SH, Handschel J, Teichmann C, Depprich R, Behrens B, Neves RP, Kübler NR, Kaiser P, Baldus SE, Tóth C, Kaisers W, Stoecklein NH.
Int J Cancer. 2017 May 1;140(9):2112-2124.

Analysis of DNA methylation in single circulating tumor cells.
Pixberg CF, Raba K, Müller F, Behrens B, Honisch E, Niederacher D, Neubauer H, Fehm T, Goering W, Schulz WA, Flohr P, Boysen G, Lambros M, De Bono JS, Knoefel WT, Sproll C, Stoecklein NH, Neves RPL.
Oncogene. 2017 Jun 8;36(23):3223-3231.

Challenges for CTC-based liquid biopsies: low CTC frequency and diagnostic leukapheresis as a potential solution.
Stoecklein NH, Fischer JC, Niederacher D, Terstappen LW.
Expert Rev Mol Diagn. 2016;16(2):147-64.

Characterization of DNA Methylation in Circulating Tumor Cells.
Pixberg CF, Schulz WA, Stoecklein NH, Neves RP.
Genes (Basel). 2015 Oct 21;6(4):1053-75.

Genomic high-resolution profiling of single CKpos/CD45neg flow-sorting purified circulating tumor cells from patients with metastatic breast cancer.
Neves RP, Raba K, Schmidt O, Honisch E, Meier-Stiegen F, Behrens B, Möhlendick B, Fehm T, Neubauer H, Klein CA, Polzer B, Sproll C, Fischer JC, Niederacher D, Stoecklein NH.
Clin Chem. 2014 Oct;60(10):1290-7.

Context-dependent adaption of EpCAM expression in early systemic esophageal cancer.
Driemel C, Kremling H, Schumacher S, Will D, Wolters J, Lindenlauf N, Mack B, Baldus SA, Hoya V, Pietsch JM, Panagiotidou P, Raba K, Vay C, Vallböhmer D, Harréus U, Knoefel WT, Stoecklein NH, Gires O.
Oncogene. 2014 Oct 9;33(41):4904-15.

Immune escape and survival mechanisms in circulating tumor cells of colorectal cancer.
Steinert G, Schölch S, Niemietz T, Iwata N, García SA, Behrens B, Voigt A, Kloor M, Benner A, Bork U, Rahbari NN, Büchler MW, Stoecklein NH, Weitz J, Koch M.
Cancer Res. 2014 Mar 15;74(6):1694-704.

Diagnostic leukapheresis enables reliable detection of circulating tumor cells of nonmetastatic cancer patients.
Fischer JC, Niederacher D, Topp SA, Honisch E, Schumacher S, Schmitz N, Zacarias Föhrding L, Vay C, Hoffmann I, Kasprowicz NS, Hepp PG, Mohrmann S, Nitz U, Stresemann A, Krahn T, Henze T, Griebsch E, Raba K, Rox JM, Wenzel F, Sproll C, Janni W, Fehm T, Klein CA, Knoefel WT, Stoecklein NH.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2013 Oct 8;110(41):16580-5.

A robust method to analyze copy number alterations of less than 100 kb in single cells using oligonucleotide array CGH.
Möhlendick B, Bartenhagen C, Behrens B, Honisch E, Raba K, Knoefel WT, Stoecklein NH.
PLoS One. 2013 Jun 25;8(6):e67031.

Impact of the 3D microenvironment on phenotype, gene expression, and EGFR inhibition of colorectal cancer cell lines.
Luca AC, Mersch S, Deenen R, Schmidt S, Messner I, Schäfer KL, Baldus SE, Huckenbeck W, Piekorz RP, Knoefel WT, Krieg A, Stoecklein NH.
PLoS One. 2013;8(3):e59689.

Prognostic significance of EpCAM-positive disseminated tumor cells in rectal cancer patients with stage I disease.
Dhayat S, Sorescu S, Vallböhmer D, Kraus S, Baldus SE, Rehders A, Kröpil F, Krieg A, Knoefel WT, Stoecklein NH.
Am J Surg Pathol. 2012 Dec;36(12):1809-16.

Prevalence and heterogeneity of KRAS, BRAF, and PIK3CA mutations in primary colorectal adenocarcinomas and their corresponding metastases.
Baldus SE, Schaefer KL, Engers R, Hartleb D, Stoecklein NH, Gabbert HE.
Clin Cancer Res. 2010 Feb 1;16(3):790-9.

Genetic disparity between primary tumours, disseminated tumour cells, and manifest metastasis.
Stoecklein NH, Klein CA.
Int J Cancer. 2010 Feb 1;126(3):589-98.

Direct genetic analysis of single disseminated cancer cells for prediction of outcome and therapy selection in esophageal cancer.
Stoecklein NH, Hosch SB, Bezler M, Stern F, Hartmann CH, Vay C, Siegmund A, Scheunemann P, Schurr P, Knoefel WT, Verde PE, Reichelt U, Erbersdobler A, Grau R, Ullrich A, Izbicki JR, Klein CA.
Cancer Cell. 2008 May;13(5):441-53.

Ep-CAM expression in squamous cell carcinoma of the esophagus: a potential therapeutic target and prognostic marker.
Stoecklein NH, Siegmund A, Scheunemann P, Luebke AM, Erbersdobler A, Verde PE, Eisenberger CF, Peiper M, Rehders A, Esch JS, Knoefel WT, Hosch SB.
BMC Cancer. 2006 Jun 23;6:165.

Copy number of chromosome 17 but not HER2 amplification predicts clinical outcome of patients with pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.
Stoecklein NH, Luebke AM, Erbersdobler A, Knoefel WT, Schraut W, Verde PE, Stern F, Scheunemann P, Peiper M, Eisenberger CF, Izbicki JR, Klein CA, Hosch SB.
J Clin Oncol. 2004 Dec 1;22(23):4737-45.

Genetic heterogeneity of single disseminated tumour cells in minimal residual cancer.
Klein CA, Blankenstein TJ, Schmidt-Kittler O, Petronio M, Polzer B, Stoecklein NH, Riethmüller G.
Lancet. 2002 Aug 31;360(9334):683-9.

SCOMP is superior to degenerated oligonucleotide primed-polymerase chain reaction for global amplification of minute amounts of DNA from microdissected archival tissue samples.
Stoecklein NH, Erbersdobler A, Schmidt-Kittler O, Diebold J, Schardt JA, Izbicki JR, Klein CA.
Am J Pathol. 2002 Jul;161(1):43-51.

Esophageal cancer: the mode of lymphatic tumor cell spread and its prognostic significance.
Hosch SB, Stoecklein NH, Pichlmeier U, Rehders A, Scheunemann P, Niendorf A, Knoefel WT, Izbicki JR.
J Clin Oncol. 2001 Apr 1;19(7):1970-5.

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