Dr. Arun Kondadi

Universitätsstr. 1
40225 Düsseldorf

Mitochondrial Membrane Remodelling at nanoscale

If you would like to research on mitochondria at the level of individual organelle, you have reached the right place!!!

Mitochondria play important roles in a variety of cellular processes including ATP conversion, apoptosis, calcium buffering and iron-sulphur cluster biogenesis. The application of electron microscopy (EM) and tomography to mitochondria in the 1950’s and 1990’s revealed the mitochondrial ultrastructure. Despite indirect evidences, the cristae membranes were considered as static structures as the data was derived from EM and ET. Recently, we showed that cristae membranes are continuously moving within individual mitochondria. Cristae merge and split within a timescale of seconds. This novel finding has opened up many interesting questions about the relationship between the internal milieu of mitochondria and its functioning.

Research in my young group is focussed on understanding the physiological and metabolic cues which govern the mitochondrial membrane remodelling and the functional relationship between them. Using a combination of super-resolution techniques, variety of biochemical approaches, electron microscopy and genomics, we address the pertinent research questions. Abnormal cristae morphology is associated with a variety of diseases like diabetes, cancer and neurodegeneration. Our research will provide valuable inputs in understanding the pathophysiology.

Open Positions: We are always interested in receiving applications from motivated students who want to pursue their PhD and Masters in the area of mitochondrial membrane remodelling. Please include a letter of motivation (Maximum one Page) and CV in the application.    

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