The CURE3D Lab (Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine & Tissue Engineering 3D Lab) is a research facility of the Department of Cardiac Surgery (Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. A. Lichtenberg) with scientific foci on cardiovascular tissue engineering, aortic valve biology, three dimensional cell culture systems and bioreactor technology. The interdisciplinary scientifc team comprises researchers from the fields of biology, other life sciences, biotechnology and medicine. 

The research focus of the Institute is set on cardiovascular tissue engineering and regeneration, particularly for valvular and myocardial tissues. Besides cell culture techniques and bioreactor technology, preclinical in vivo models as well as systems-theoretical abstractions and numerical modeling are applied to answer scientific Questions.

Furthermore, prospective clinical trials and retrospective outcome research are conducted.

In all research areas, PhD candidates, Bachelor/Master students or medical doctoral candidates are welcome. Contact: Dr. Elvira Weber / Dr. Hug Aubin

Happy and spooky Halloween everyone. The CUR(s)E3D lab is waiting for you. Find us on the UKD @UniklinikDUS campus for your sweets. First come, First served.         

Thank you so much to the team from the Center for Advanced Imaging for the exciting tutorial on how to use the Olympus Fluorview 3000. We are looking forward to great images of our adipoids.

Summer event 2022 - Nine kilometers by canoe on the river Niers. We made it. A day with lots of sun, wild water fights and great colleagues.

Four exciting, fascinating and inspiring days of science at the annual meeting of the European Society of Cardiology in Barcelona. #ESC

Inspiring retreat together with our wonderful collaboration partner Prof. Dr. Eva Bartock on Schloss Ahrenthal @TRR259.

We warmly welcome our guest scientist from Vienna Dr. Ulrike Resch. She starts our collaboration project with Prof. Marcus Krüger from the CECAD Institute Cologne @CECAD_

We look forward to spending the next few months with her.

Thank you Dr. Roisin Kelly-Laubscher from the University College Cork for this great talk about "The cardioprotective effects of ethanolamine" in the external speaker seminar series of the CURE3D Lab. It made us rethink to drink wine more often. ;-)

Two farewells in a row. Many thanks to Dr. Mareike Barth and Dr. Hayato Ise for the great time together and we keep our fingers crossed for their future in Aachen.

Many thanks to Dr. Katja Finsterbusch from The Francis Crick Institute (London) for sharing her data in our external speakers seminar series during her talk about "A TLR7 antagonist restricts interferon-dependent and -independent immunopathology in severe influenza". 

For the start of our new laboratory, we are still looking for two talented postdocs in the field of bioinformatics/data management and bioprinting. Thanks for sharing. Open postdoc positions CURE3D

We always encourage motivated students to apply for thesis positions. Please share. Open positions CURE3D

The second talk of our external speaker seminar series was given by Chrysante Iliakis from The Francis Crick Institute (London) about "The role of alveolar macrophages in induction, maintenance and resolution of prolonged changes to lung immunity". Thank you for sharing your outstanding project with us and best wishes for continued success.

First tweet of our new CURE3D lab (Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine & Tissue Engineering 3D lab; @3dCure): What's more fun than starting with a picture for the #FluorescenceFriday series: Adipose tissue organoid stained with LD540 by our fantastic MD students Miral Hayungs and Lotte Görtz.

An excellent start to our external speaker seminar series: Dr. Phillipe Robert from the University of Oslo with its talk about "Computational Immunology: Some example of quantitative immunology using simulations". Thank you very much.

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