M.Sc. Melanie Cappallo

PhD student, Cell Culture Manager

Dr. med. Agunda Chekhoeva

Clinical Scientist

M.Sc. Lara Ebbert

Life Scientist

Scientific focus:

Biobanking Systems

M.Sc. Oliver Nortmann

PhD student

Scientific focus:

bonemarrow & subcutan derived adipoids

Cand. med. Sinje Reimers

Medical Student

Thesis Title: In vivo validation of a simulation model to investigate the effects of extracorporeal circulation (ECC) on aortic blood flow and aortic endothelial damage

Research Group: Cardiovascular Flow Simulations

Dr. rer. nat. Jessica Isabel Selig

Life Scientist

Scientific focus:

Cardiac Tissue Engineering with Automated Bioreactor Systems

Metabolically induced Cardiovascular Degeneration

Project manager § 15 GenTSV

Laser protection officer

Dr. med. Tong Li

Clinical Scientist

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