Eccles Archives & Kalliope Catalogue

From mid 2013 onwards parts of the archives are accessible, the official opening has taken place at the Advisory Board Meeting in Octobre 2013. Application forms as PDF can  be downloaded here.

Considering the online catalogue via Kalliope in advance  would be recommended, as the Eccles Archives are being filed via the internet portal Kalliope, cf.
Due to the history of Germany and Austria, personal archives are likely to be scattered round the country, thus in order to achieve an at least virtual common catalogue the online portal Kalliope has been created comprising by now over 25,000 personal archives with over 1.5 million files. Due to librarian bylaws to use the country’s official language, the portal is mostly in German, however some parts and the entries concerning the Eccles Archive are in German. In case of any questions please do not hesitate to ask, preferably by email   <>


For every donation or payment to the Eccles Archive, the following data are necessary:

Empfänger / Account holder: Univ.-klinikum Dusseldorf
(if needed: Tax-No. DE119432190 - postal address: Moorenstr. 5, D-40225 Dusseldorf)

IBAN:   DE94 3005 0110 0010 0015 50

Verwendungszweck / Reason for payment:  IA 701 320 803 Eccles


Bank:  Stadtsparkasse Dusseldorf
(if needed, postal adress:- Berliner Allee 33,  D-40212 Dusseldorf)

These funds IA 701 320 803  are solely to be used for the needs of the John Eccles Archive (additional material or cataloguing staff).

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