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Hepatoimmunology Group


Elucidation of intra- and intercellular signaling networks involved in:

  • regulation of the systemic acute-phase response
  • mediating liver damage and orchestrating regeneration
  • influencing the activation state of macrophage populations in the liver
  • promoting metabolic liver disease and its progression to fibrosis and liver cancer
  • establishment of persistent viral infections

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  • Manchot foundation: “Interference of HCV with host intercellular communication processes mediated by inflammatory mediators”, Manchot graduate school: Molecules of infection (MOI) IV, 2020-2024
  • BMBF: “Mechanism-based multiscale model for dissection of the tipping point from liver cirrhosis to hepatocellular carcinoma”, Liver Systems Medicine against Cancer (LiSyM Cancer),  2021-2024
  • DFG: “Virus-induced changes in cellular signaling in hepatocytes lead to reprogramming of the cell's response to growth factors – analysis of molecular mechanisms and functional consequences”, 2023-2025



Prof. Dr. med. Johannes G. Bode

Head of the hepatoimmunology group





Dr. rer. nat. Christian Ehlting

Senior scientist & Laboratory manager

Research: inflammation and immunity in microbial infections



Dr. rer. nat. Stephanie D. Wolf

Postdoctoral researcher

Research: metabolism-induced hepatocellular carcinoma and liver regeneration



Doctoral candidates

Tobias Hustedt

PhD candidate

Dissertation topic: “Interference of HCV with chemokine mediated intercellular communication processes of the host”


Amina Doua

MD candidate

Dissertation topic: “Influence of protein kinases MK2 and/or MK3 on the development of metabolically induced steatohepatitis”

Julian Gilljam

MD candidate

Dissertation topic: “Effect of TGF-β inhibitors on liver regeneration after partial hepatectomy”

Technical support

Marijana Suzanj

Lab technician


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