Publications 2023

Erbaba B, Macaroglu D, Ardic-Avci NI, Arslan-Ergul A, Adams MM
Caloric restriction reinforces the stem cell pool in the aged brain without affecting overall proliferation status.
Gene 2023; 851()  |

Klar P, Çatal Y, Langner R, Huang Z, Northoff G
Scale-free dynamics of core-periphery topography.
Hum Brain Mapp 2023; 44(5): 1997-2017  |

Niu M, Palomero-Gallagher N
Architecture and connectivity of the human angular gyrus and of its homolog region in the macaque brain.
Brain Struct Funct 2023; 228(1): 47-61 |

Refisch A, Komatsuzaki S, Ungelenk M, Chung HY, Schumann A, Schilling SS, Jantzen W, Schröder S, Mühleisen TW, Nöthen MM, Hübner CA, Bär KJ
Associations of common genetic risk variants of the muscarinic acetylcholine receptor M2 with cardiac autonomic dysfunction in patients with schizophrenia.
World J Biol Psychiatry 2023; 24(1): 1-11  |

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