Module D (compulsory)

The aim of Module D is to provide an introduction into the structure and function of the human brain. The practical part, divided into microscopy and macroscopy, offers the possibility to get new insights on the cellular brain level and on the topographical anatomy of the human brain. The student groups are supervised by experienced scientists. Both, lectures and courses, contribute to the acquisition of a certain basic neuroanatomical knowledge.

Curriculum: M.Sc. in Psychology
Course type: Lectures and practical courses
Credit points (in ECTS): 2 (contact time) + 6 (self-study time)
Module type: compulsory
Admission requirements: B.Sc. in Psychology
Semester: summer semester only
Examination type: written exam
Contact person: Dr. Evelyn Oermann
Institute: C.&O. Vogt Institute of Brain Research
Email address:

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