Institutskolloquium (hybrid)

We 14:30 - 15:30 in persona: 13.58.U1.006 (Seminarraum MFZI) + online: Microsoft Teams

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17.05.2023    Laura Bechtold (Düsseldorf): Grounding abstract concepts: How controlled linguistic and emotional experience affects the acquisition, representation, and processing of novel abstract words

24.05.2023    Franziska Albrecht (Karolinska): Identifying Subtypes of Parkinsonian Syndromes: Insights from Structural brain Imaging and Machine Learning Approaches

31.05.2023    Natalie Schaworonkow (ESI Frankfurt): Impact of neural oscillations on cortical excitability: Potential and caveats

07.06.2023    Kevin Tang (Düsseldorf): Quantifying articulatory precision and language complexity of Parkinson's disease patients

14.06.2023    Christopher Summerfield (Oxford) (virtual talk): The Kantian brain: Space as a scaffold for concept learning

27.06.2023    cancelled!!    Jose Obeso (Madrid): Puzzling observations and unresolved questions in Parkinson's disease

05.07.2023    Bettina Schwab (Twente): Specific modulation of neural activity with transcranial alternating current stimulation

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