AG Pollok

We here aim at characterizing the functional interaction within a spatially distributed motor control network in healthy adults and in patients with movement disorders like Parkinson's disease. By using tACS, we try to specify the significance of cortical oscillations by inducing entrainment of neural oscillations. We furthermore apply TMS and tDCS allowing the selective modulation of excitability revealing a causal link between the functional relevance of a specific brain area and movement execution


Prof. Dr. Bettina Pollok

Group Members

Dr. Vanessa Krause
Cand. Med. Jan Focke
Cand. Med. Maike Förster
Cand. Med. Stephanie Göller
Cand. Med. Sylvia Kemmet
Cand. Med. Thomas Kuntz
Cand. Med. Geraldine Moshiri
Cand. Med. Katharina Otto
Cand. Med. Christoph Overhagen
Cand. Med. Claire Schmitz-Justen
Cand. Med. Alexander Sturm

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