Journal Papers 2009

Airaksinen K, Makela JP, Taulu S, Ahonen A, Pohjola J, Nurminen J, Butz M, Schnitzler A, Pekkonen E (2009) 
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Barnes M, Schnitzler A, Silva AAE, Aquilar M, Lehnert-Batar A, Minnasch P (2009) 
NT201 (Xeomin (R): botulinum neurotoxin free from complexing proteins) is efficacious and well-tolerated in upper limb spasticity of various etiologies. Mov Disord. 24 Suppl. : S450-S450.

Enck P, Klosterhalfen S (2009) 
The story of O--is oxytocin the mediator of the placebo response? Neurogastroenterol Motil 21(4): 347-50. Den Artikel finden Sie hier.

Enck P, Van der Voort IR, Klosterhalfen S (2009) 
Biofeedback therapy in fecal incontinence and constipation. Neurogastroenterol Motil. 21(11): 1133-41. Den Artikel finden Sie hier.

Enck P, Vinson B, Malfertheiner P, Zipfel S, Klosterhalfen S (2009) 
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Enck P, Zimmermann K, Rusch K, Schwiertz A, Klosterhalfen S, Frick JS (2009) 
The effects of ageing on the colonic bacterial microflora in adults. Z Gastroenterol. 47(7): 653-8. Den Artikel finden Sie hier.

Enck P, Zipfel S, Klosterhalfen S (2009) 
[The placebo effect in medicine] Bundesgesundheitsblatt Gesundheitsforschung, Gesundheitsschutz 52(6): 635-42. Den Artikel finden Sie hier.

Florin E, Reck C, Himmel M, Maarouf M, Schnitzler A, Sturm V, Fink GR, Timmermann L (2009) 
Differential connectivity between subthalamic area and forearm muscle in Parkinson''s patients with tremor. Mov Disord. 24 Suppl. : S335-S335.

Genet F, Marmorat JL, Lautridou C, Schnitzler A, Mailhan L, Denormandie P (2009) 
Impact of late surgical intervention on heterotopic ossification of the hip after traumatic neurological injury. J Bone Joint Surg Br. 91B(11): 1493-1498. Den Artikel finden Sie hier.

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Effect of rTMS on motor functions in Huntington''s disease. Mov Disord 24 Suppl. : S165-S165.

Kircheis G, Bode JG, Hilger N, Kramer T, Schnitzler A, Häussinger D (2009) 
Diagnostic and prognostic values of critical flicker frequency determination as new diagnostic tool for objective HE evaluation in patients undergoing TIPS implantation. Eur J Gastroenterol Hepatol. 21(12): 1383-94. Den Artikel finden Sie hier.

Kircheis G, Knoche A, Hilger N, Manhart F, Schnitzler A, Schulze H, Häussinger D (2009) 
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Klosterhalfen S, Kellermann S, Braun S, Kowalski A, Schrauth M, Zipfel S, Enck P (2009) 
Gender and the nocebo response following conditioning and expectancy. J Psychosom Res. 66(4): 323-8. Den Artikel finden Sie hier.

Lange J, de Lussanet M, Kuhlmann S, Zimmermann A, Lappe M, Zwitserlood P, Dobel C (2009) 
Impairments of biological motion perception in congenital prosopagnosia. PLoS ONE. 4(10): e7414. Den Artikel finden Sie hier.

Legrain V, Damme SV, Eccleston C, Davis KD, Seminowicz DA, Crombez G (2009) 
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Legrain V, Perchet C, García-Larrea L (2009) 
Involuntary orienting of attention to nociceptive events: neural and behavioral signatures. J Neurophysiol. 102(4): 2423-34. Den Artikel finden Sie hier.

Mehrkens JH, Bötzel K, Steude U, Zeitler K, Schnitzler A, Sturm V, Voges J (2009) 
Long-term efficacy and safety of chronic globus pallidus internus stimulation in different types of primary dystonia. Stereotact Funct Neurosurg. 87(1): 8-17. Den Artikel finden Sie hier.

Meissner K, Enck P, Muth ER, Kellermann S, Klosterhalfen S (2009) 
Cortisol levels predict motion sickness tolerance in women but not in men. Physiol Behav. 97(1): 102-6. Den Artikel finden Sie hier.

Mobascher A, Brinkmeyer J, Warbrick T, Musso F, Wittsack HJ, Stoermer R, Saleh A, Schnitzler A, Winterer G (2009) 
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A double-blind, delayed-start trial of rasagiline in Parkinson''s disease. N Engl J Med. 361(13): 1268-78. Den Artikel finden Sie hier.

Otto F, Illes S, Opatz J, Laryea M, Theiss S, Hartung HP, Schnitzler A, Siebler M, Dihné M (2009) 
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Ozkurt TE, Sun M, Jia W, Sclabassi RJ (2009) 
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Ploner M, Schoffelen JM, Schnitzler A, Gross J (2009) 
Functional integration within the human pain system as revealed by Granger causality. Hum Brain Mapp. 30(12): 4025-32. Den Artikel finden Sie hier.

Pollok B, Krause V, Butz M, Schnitzler A (2009) 
Modality specific functional interaction in sensorimotor synchronization. Hum Brain Mapp. 30(6): 1783-90. Den Artikel finden Sie hier.

Pollok B, Makhloufi H, Butz M, Gross J, Timmermann L, Wojtecki L, Schnitzler A (2009) 
Levodopa affects functional brain networks in parkinsonian resting tremor. Mov Disord. 24(1): 91-8. Den Artikel finden Sie hier.

Reck C, Florin E, Wojtecki L, Groiss S, Voges J, Sturm V, Schnitzler A, Timmermann L (2009)
Differential distribution of coherence between beta-band subthalamic oscillations and forearm muscles in Parkinson''s disease during isometric contraction. Clin Neurophysiol. 120(8): 1601-9. Den Artikel finden Sie hier.

Reck C, Florin E, Wojtecki L, Krause H, Groiss S, Voges J, Maarouf M, Sturm V, Schnitzler A, Timmermann L (2009) 
Characterisation of tremor-associated local field potentials in the subthalamic nucleus in Parkinson''s disease. Eur J Neurosci. 29(3): 599-612. Den Artikel finden Sie hier.

Reck C, Maarouf M, Wojtecki L, Groiss S, Florin E, Sturm V, Fink GR, Schnitzler A, Timmermann L (2009) 
Value of subthalamic multiple microelectrode recordings and intraoperative stimulation in Parkinsons disease. Mov Disord. 24 Suppl. : S471-S471.

Schlapfer TE, Bewernick BH, Kayser S, Sturm V, Lenartz D, Schnitzler A (2009) 
Psychiatric Indications for the Use of Deep Brain Stimulation AKTUEL NEUROL. 36 Suppl. : S24-S26.

Schnitzler A, Leffers KW, Hack HJ, Randerath O (2009) 
Non-interventional study to assess the compliance with rotigotine transdermal system in a sample of idiopathic early-stage Parkinson''s disease subjects J Neural Transm. 116(2): 235-235. Den Artikel finden Sie hier.

Schnitzler A, Münks C, Münks C, Butz M, Timmermann L, Gross J (2009) 
Synchronized brain network associated with essential tremor as revealed by magnetoencephalography. Mov Disord. 24(11): 1629-35. Den Artikel finden Sie hier.

Stockhorst U, Blicke M, Scherbaum WA (2009) 
Insulin in the brain and sexual dimorphism: Differential effects of intranasal insulin in healthy men and women. Exp Clin Endocrinol Diabetes. 117(10): 658-659. Den Artikel finden Sie hier.

Thomalla G, Siebner HR, Jonas M, Bäumer T, Biermann-Ruben K, Hummel F, Gerloff C, Müller-Vahl K, Schnitzler A, Orth M, Münchau A (2009) 
Structural changes in the somatosensory system correlate with tic severity in Gilles de la Tourette syndrome. Brain 132(Pt 3): 765-77. Den Artikel finden Sie hier.

Van Damme S, Crombez G, Wiech K, Legrain V, Peters ML, Eccleston C (2009) 
Why become more general when we can be more specific? Comment on Hollins et al. "Perceived intensity and unpleasantness of cutaneous and auditory stimuli: an evaluation of the generalized hypervigilance hypothesis" [Pain 2009;141:215-221], and on Rollman Pain. 144(3): 342-3; author reply 343-4. Den Artikel finden Sie hier.

Vesper J, Wojtecki L, Wille C, Langen H, Groiss S, Schnitzler A (2009) 
Pallidal deep brain stimulation (DBS) in Chorea Huntington Eur J Neurol. 16 Suppl. : 640-640.

Volkmann J, Albanese A, Kulisevsky J, Tornqvist AL, Houeto JL, Pidoux B, Bonnet AM, Mendes A, Benabid AL, Fraix V, Van Blercom N, Xie J, Obeso J, Rodriguez-Oroz MC, Guridi J, Schnitzler A, Timmermann L, Gironell AA, Molet J, Pascual-Sedano B, Rehncrona S, Moro E, Lang AC, Lozano AM, Bentivoglio AR, Scerrati M, Contarino MF, Romito L, Janssens M, Agid Y (2009) 
Long-term effects of pallidal or subthalamic deep brain stimulation on quality of life in Parkinson''s disease. Mov Disord. 24(8): 1154-61. Den Artikel finden Sie hier.

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Isolated unilateral temporal muscle hypertrophy: a rare cause of hemicranial headache. Headache 49(5): 779-82. Den Artikel finden Sie hier.

Wille C, Schnitzler A, Vesper J (2009) 
Deep Brain Stimulation for Multiple Sclerosis-Associated Tremor. AKTUEL NEUROL. 36 Suppl. : S19-S23. Den Artikel finden Sie hier.

Wojtecki L, Albrecht P, Groiss S, Scherfeld D, Schnitzler A (2009) 
Psychogenic Mov Disord. 24 Suppl. : S179-S180. Den Artikel finden Sie hier.

Wojtecki L, Groiss S, Scherfeld D, Albrecht P, Pollok B, Elben S, Wille C, Vesper J, Schnitzler A (2009) 
Transient improvement of psychogenic (proprio-)spinal-like myoclonus to electrical nerve stimulation. Mov Disord. 24(13): 2024-5. Den Artikel finden Sie hier.

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