Journal Papers 2022

Bahners, BH, Waterstraat, G, Kannenberg, S, Curio, G, Schnitzler, A, Nikulin, V, & Florin, E. (2022)
Electrophysiological characterization of the hyperdirect pathway and its functional relevance for subthalamic deep brain stimulation. Exp Neurol, 114031.

Balloff, C, Penner, I-K, Ma, M, Georgiades, I, Scala, L, Troullinakis, N, Graf, J, Kremer, D, Aktas, O, Hartung, H-P, Meuth, SG, Schnitzler, A, Groiss, SJ, & Albrecht, P. (2022)
The degree of cortical plasticity correlates with cognitive performance in patients with Multiple Sclerosis. Brain Stimul, 15(2), 403–413.

Ferrea, S, Junker, FB, Hartmann, CJ, Dinkelbach, L, Eickhoff, SB, Moldovan, AS, Südmeyer, M, Schnitzler, A, & Schmidt-Wilcke, T. (2022)
Brain volume patterns in corticobasal syndrome versus idiopathic Parkinson's disease. J Neuroimaging.

Pavlidou, A, Lange, J, & Ferrè, ER. (2022)
Human movements do not look the same in a tilted world: Gravitational constraints influence the perception of biological motion. Eur J Neurosci, 55(3), 800–805.

Rahimi-Jafari, S, Sarebannejad, S, Saberi, A, Khazaie, H, Camilleri, JA, Eickhoff, CR, Eickhoff, SB, & Tahmasian, M. (2022)
Is there any consistent structural and functional brain abnormality in narcolepsy? A meta-analytic perspective. Neurosci Biobehav Rev, 132, 1181–1182.

Rempe, MP, Spooner, RK, Taylor, BK, Eastman, JA, Schantell, M, Embury, CM, Heinrichs-Graham, E, & Wilson, TW. (2022)
Alpha oscillations in left perisylvian cortices support semantic processing and predict performance. Cereb Cortex.

Yalaz, M, Maling, N, Deuschl, G, Juárez-Paz, LM, Butz, M, Schnitzler, A, Helmers, A-K, & Höft, M. (2022)
MaDoPO: Magnetic Detection of Positions and Orientations of Segmented Deep Brain Stimulation Electrodes: A Radiation-Free Method Based on Magnetoencephalography. Brain Sci, 12(1).

Zapf, AC, Folkerts, A-K, Kahler, L, Schnitzler, A, Reker, P, Barbe, MT, Florin, E, & Kalbe, E. (2022)
No Higher Risk-Seeking Tendencies or Altered Self-Estimation in a Social Decision-Making Task in Patients with Parkinson's Disease. J Parkinsons Dis.


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