Mini-Implant Lectures / Courses:


DüsseldorfKurs 1: 20.10.23
Kurs 2: 21.10.23
Kurs 3: 27.10.23
Kurs 3: 28.10.23
Curriculum Mini-Implantate (DE)Flyer (DE)
Düsseldorf2. & 3.6.202312. Benefit User Meeting (EN)Flyer (EN)
Flyer (DE)
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Düsseldorf26. & 27.4.202413. Benefit User Meeting (EN) 



Hands-on courses for technicians:


TAD Papers:

TAD costs:


Molar Uprighting:

Molar Intrusion:


RME & Class III Treatment:

Extrusion of impacted teeth:

Mesialization / Space Closure:

Multipurpose Use of TAD´s:

Press Review:

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