Bridging the Baltic: Medicine in the Baltic Sea region IV symposium

organized by the Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf, Rīga Stradiņš  University, Odense University, and Lund University

August 21-22, 2021, Rīga Stradiņš University Anatomy Museum, 9 Kronvalda bulvāris, Rīga, LV-1010 & Zoom

All presentations include 20 min. talk, 10 min. discussion (digital presentations can be 10-15 minutes)

Day 1, 21 August: E-health in the Baltic Sea region: Opportunities and challenges

10:00-17:00 (Eastern European Summer Time)

Welcome by Nils Hansson, Daiga Behmane, Thomas Wegener-Friis, Juris Salaks

10:10 Daiga Behmane, Riga: Similarities and differences in the eHealth governance in the Baltic Sea Region countries

10:40 Margus Viigimaa, Tallinn: Digital cardiology in Estonia

11:10 Patrik Midlöv, Lund: E-Health in Sweden with focus on primary health care and hypertension management

11:40-13:00 Lunch break

13:00 Margit Sutrop, Tartu: E-health in Estonia: Ethical frameworks

13:30 Nils Hansson, Yvonne Gavallér, Düsseldorf: Poster presentations of the Düsseldorf course for med students: E-Health in the Baltic Sea region

14:00-15:00 Discussion

15:00-17:00 Sightseeing

19:00 Dinner

Day 2, 22 August: Cold War presentations and network discussions

09:00-17:00 (Eastern European Summer Time)

09:00 Merle Weßel, Oldenburg: Eugenic Thought in Medicine and Social Practice after 1945 in the Baltic Sea region

09:30 Ken Kalling, Erki Tammiksaar, Tartu: Rediscovering genetics in Soviet Estonia

10:00-10:20 Break

10:20-10:50 Joanna Nieznanowska, Szczecin: Stuttered communication? Publications in foreign languages issued from Szczecin’s Pomeranian Medical University (PMU) in the first decade of its existence (1948-1958)

10:50-11:20 Juris Salaks, Kaspars Antonovičs, Riga: The Medical transport of the Riga Automobile Factory (RAF).

11:20-11:50 Benjamin Kuntz, Berlin: The German-Danish bacteriologist Fritz Kauffmann – a Bridging the Baltic ergobiography

11:50-13:00 Lunch break

13:00-14:30 All “Bridging the Baltic” network members, coordinated by Jennie Junghans, Thomas Wegener Friis, Kay Peter Jankrift, Nils Hansson: Application discussion – Negotiating the common good: Medical transfers, networks and practices in the Baltic Sea Area, 1945-2004

14:30-15:00 Break

15:00-16:30 All “Bridging the Baltic” network members, coordinated by Felicitas Söhner, Thorsten Halling, Joanna Nieznanowska, Juris Salaks, Nils Hansson: Baltic Cold War oral history project

16:30-17:00 Discussion and fare-well


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