Registration/Appointments: Mon-Thu 8:30-12:30 h, Fri 13:30-14:30 h Tel: 0211-81-17702

Office hours: Mon, Thu, Fri 8:00-11:00 h and 13:30-15:00 h

In urgent cases it is possible to contact the medical team members of the ZHHD (gate of the children's clinic: 0211-81-17687) or our study assistant Mrs. Fidan (0211-81-17638) during the regular office hours.

Outside regular office hours, the ward KK02 (0211-8117661) can be contacted in urgent cases of "blood sugar problems".

In medical emergencies, call the emergency services at 112.

If your child has congenital hyperinsulinism or is suspected of congenital hyperinsulinism and you would like further advice, you can contact our Hyperinsulinism Team:

Appointment requests for registered doctors: please send us your appointment requests by fax using the form you can download here.


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