Acute Myocardial Infarction working group

Despite the recent advancements in modern Cardiology, acute myocardial infarction (AMI) remains a major issue in the clinical scenario. Improvements of techniques in percutaneous interventions, as well as in the pharmacological therapy and adjunct intensive care strategies is the ultimate goal of our reserarch team.

More specifically, we are interested in the further development of modern invasive strategies with uptodate image aquisition tools, using stent and scaffold technology as well as physiological testings using invasive tools such as FFR. In addition, cardiogenic shock is a further scientific focus with the use of assist devices and extracorporeal life support to support the macro- and the microcirculation. The latter has been identified as a strong predictor of outcome in critically ill patients and we use novel strategies to evaluate the perfusion of the smallest vessels to early identify possible changes and to adjust therapy. Different treatment modalities of modern intensive care medicine are of central relevance to AMI patients such as therapeutic hypothermia and differentiated catecholamine therapy and we are interested in improving current treatment algorithms.  

Of central importance is the pharmacological treatment in the acute setting, but also later on. We are interested in further improving current treatment strategies, but also in identifying new treatment targets. Particular interest is on translational studies with modern molecular biological techniques with special emphasis to reperfusion injury and arginine and nitric oxide metabolism.

Prof. Dr. Dr. med. Christian Jung


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