Heart Failure Medicine working group


Our study group focusses on modern interventional concepts for the treatment of advanced Heart Failure (HF). As a matter of fact, the last decade has witnessed a changing landscape in the options of HF therapy in patients with severely reduced left ventricular dysfunction. Gone are the days of pure medical therapy which today has been amplified by a multitude of various interventional treatment strategies (Figure 1).

Thus, HF has arrived as one of the fastest growing fields in cardiology where various subspecialties ranging from interventional cardiologists via intensivists and nephrologists to general practitioners work closely together to tailor innovative treatment options for supreme benefit to the individual patient (Figure 2).

The members of our group created the links below to give authentic impressions of their diverse research activities from basic science projects, e.g. metabolic disturbances in heart failure (Daniel Scheiber) towards clinical applications, e.g. therapeutic strategies against cardiovascular calcification (Aikaterini Christidi).
Please feel free to contact Patrick Horn and Ralf Westenfeld if you could imagine joining the field of innovative HF therapeutics.

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