Arginine and arginase metabolism and ist relevance to myocardial ischemia and reperfusion injury: Using in-vivo models with detailed molecular biology studies with respect to protein metabolism and characterization of mode of action

Microcirculatory disorders in critically ill patients: Detailed clinical characterization in addition to on-line and in-vivo visualization of the microcirculation. Currently, descriptive studies to use microcirculation as risk predictor have been published, however, we are working on the establishment of these parameter to guide therapy and use these parameters in translational studies.

Registry based studies in the context of AMI, stable coronary artery disease, critically ill patients, patients with cardiogenic shock, and patients with extracorporeal circulation.

Translational studies in the context of tissue hypoxia (hypoxia chamber experiments, true altitude expedition, heart failure, ischemia such as myocardial ischemia) to identify biomarkers and therapy targets.

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