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| Mittwoch, 16:00 - 18:00 Uhr

Hybrid: Life Science Innovation - Trends in Single Cell Analysis #6

With ‘Trends in Single Cell Analysis #6’ we will continue our event format ‘Life Science Innovation’, which provides insights into innova- tive research topics and current developments in Duesseldorf, NRW and beyond.

This time, we have invited Prof. Mette Ørskov Agerbæk from Copenhagen (Denmark) who will tell us a fascinating story about a novel circulating tumor cell (CTC) staining by targeting surface proteoglycans. Dr. Roberto Piñeiro Cid from Santiago de Compostela (Spain) will increase our under- standing how CTC-clusters contribute to breast cancer metastasis.

Last, but not least, from the Heinrich-Heine University Dr. Tobias Lautwein will provide an overview on present single cell applications and data analysis options available at the local Biological and Medical Research Centre (BMFZ).

Organizer: LifeScienceNet Duesseldorf and the Liquid Biopsy Center (LBCD) of the University Hospital Duesseldorf | c/o Life Science Center Duesseldorf | Merowingerplatz 1 a | 40225 Duesseldorf |

Registration online until June 13th 2023:


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